No-one likes making an insurance claim. Not only does it mean something’s gone wrong, it usually also means complicated forms, endless phone calls and wasted time.

At Mariner, we make the claims process as easy and painless as possible. Contact us straight away and we’ll get onto getting your issue sorted.

To make it easier for us to process your claim, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Do what you can to prevent any further damage or loss. We will reimburse expenses reasonably incurred in this way.
  • However, don’t incur any expenses settling loss or damage before you speak to us.
  • Report any burglary or malicious act to the police immediately.
  • Pass on any communication you receive about the incident to us. 
  • Don’t agree to pay, settle or decline any claim.
  • Don’t admit responsibility or liability.

Make a claim and we’ll get you back on the water as soon as we can.

Please download a claim form here

Just email  back to once completed and we will get underway, Thankyou.