Clearly, the size of your vessel will play a major role in what you can and cannot do to protect your boat from a storm. Remember to pay attention to furled sails, they really need to be secured!

Boats are great, yet they can likewise be a ton of work. They’re predominantly high-maintenance and frequently require extensive amounts of time. Great boat insurance makes things easy when you have a claim, but being prepa...

When you talk to one of our experienced Mariner crew about insuring your boat, they will ask you a series of questions which will help them calculate your premium.

Once the situation is under control and you are back on dry land, give us a call and let us know what’s happened. We want to make your insurance claims process simple and stress-free, so you can get back out on the water as s...

It is any boaties nightmare to see his boat on fire. Fire was a cause of loss among Mariner’s insurance claims.

Dec 15 2017

Before trying to cross the bar of any harbour, it is recommended to seek for local advice, have knowledge about the area and ask an experienced skipper to accompany you on your travel.

A rope-to-chain splice is the same as the eye splice, the major difference is that the line forming the eye goes through the top connection of your anchor chain, and the eye is snugged tight. Here's how to make a rope-to-cha...

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