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How much does boat insurance cost?

How much does boat insurance cost? How much you’ll pay to insure your boat depends on a few important factors. The most significant ones are: What type of boat it is: for example, trailer boat, racing yacht, luxury launch, jetski.How much you paid...
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Boat Insurance FAQ's

How are boat insurance premiums calculated? When you talk to one of our experienced Mariner crew about insuring your boat, they will ask you a series of questions which will help them calculate your premium. The starting point is what you have...
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Remedies for Common Oil Contamination Problems

Fuel is the primary engine oil contaminant, more so with out-of-date carburettor engines. The fix is to tune the engine: timing, start plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and carburettor tuning. Rust Another cause of oil contamination are the corro...
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