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Do You Need Boat Insurance for the Winter?

Boating season is officially over. This may mean you are thinking about about cancelling your boat insurance policy for the winter to spare a few bucks. After all, what could happen to your boat while it's kept securely for the winter? However, y...
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How much does boat insurance cost?

How much does boat insurance cost? How much you’ll pay to insure your boat depends on a few important factors. The most significant ones are: What type of boat it is: for example, trailer boat, racing yacht, luxury launch, jetski.How much you pai...
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Boat insurance for older boats

What if I have an older boat? Having a boat more than 20 years old doesn’t mean you can’t get boat insurance, or that it will be expensive. It just means we are likely to require a boatbuilders’ report or more comprehensive survey, indicating...
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