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What You Do With Your Jetski Over Winter Makes a Big Difference

It's winter. It’s cold. Before you know it, your jetski will have been sitting, un-loved for months. This is when a huge amount of evil activity goes on under the seat, in the engine bay. Commonly in the form of salt crystal growth and metal corros...
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Boating Safety Tips: Keep Your Boat Safe During Storms and Bad Weather

Over the past 10 years, Mariner discovered the best ways to help you prepare your boat to survive a storm. Now that the tropics are beginning to get fired up, it’s a good time to make sure you are ready to protect your boat from storm damage both o...
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Top 8 Common Boat Claims During Winter

Many boaties have the misconception that when their boat is hauled out for storage or not being used, that it is a lot more secure and safe from harm’s way. Our claims figures tell a different story. Here are Mariner’s Top 8 Claims During Winter...
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